Project: Fix Buzzing KRK Rokit5 G2 Monitor

One of my KRK Rokit 5 (G2) monitors was making a loud buzzing noise. Found out online that this was probably caused by a defective capacitor. I’ve decided to replace these since the monitors were otherwise still fine. After replacement the fixed unit sounded better than the working one, so I decided to replace the caps on both units.

Removed the back-panel of the unit.
The tweeter has an extension that can easily be disconnected.
De-soldered the defective capacitors and ordered a new 35V 1000uF capacitor on Amazon.
The two capacitors in the middle of the circuit board have something to do with the signal to the tweeter. I’ve replaced both capacitors, but I probably only needed to replace the left one in the picture (next to the one that was already de-soldered).