MSSQL Query frequently used counters

The query below returns a few frequently used counters. Page life expectancy, Lazy writes/sec, Target Server Memory, Total Server Memory and Processor Utilizaton. If exist PAGEIOLATCH waiting tasks are returned.


-- New temp table...
CREATE TABLE #tPrefCounters ([Name] nvarchar(40),[Value] int,[Info] nvarchar(50) )

-- Prepare statements...
EXEC sp_prepare @H1 OUTPUT, N'@P1 nvarchar(40), @P2 nvarchar(50)', 
     N'SELECT TOP(1) @P1 AS Name, cntr_value AS Value, @P2 AS Info FROM [master].[sys].[dm_os_performance_counters] WHERE counter_name = @P1', 1

-- Execute handles and fill #tPrefCounters table...
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters EXEC sp_execute @H1, N'Page life expectancy', N'Should be -gt 300 sec per 4GB mem'
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters EXEC sp_execute @H1, N'Lazy writes/sec', N'(Sample #1)'
WAITFOR DELAY '00:00:01'
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters EXEC sp_execute @H1, N'Lazy writes/sec', N'(Sample #2) Should not climb much (low or zero)'
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters EXEC sp_execute @H1, N'Target Server Memory (KB)', N'Optimal memory under current load'
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters EXEC sp_execute @H1, N'Total Server Memory (KB)', N'Memory used by instance, should be close to target'

-- Add CPU Utilization...
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters
SELECT TOP(1) 'Processor Utilization' AS Name, 
              x.xrecord.value('(./Record/SchedulerMonitorEvent/SystemHealth/ProcessUtilization)[1]', 'int') AS Value, 
			  '% CPU Utilization' AS Info
FROM ( SELECT [timestamp], CAST(record AS XML) AS xrecord FROM sys.dm_os_ring_buffers 
       WHERE ring_buffer_type = N'RING_BUFFER_SCHEDULER_MONITOR' ) AS x
ORDER by x.[timestamp] DESC

-- Add PAGEIOLATCH wait stats...
INSERT INTO #tPrefCounters
SELECT top(5) wait_type AS Name, wait_duration_ms AS Value, 'Long waits may indicate disk io problems'
FROM [master].[sys].[dm_os_waiting_tasks] WHERE wait_type LIKE 'PAGEIOLATCH%' ORDER BY wait_duration_ms DESC

-- Unprepare statements...
EXEC sp_unprepare @H1

-- Display prefered counters...
SELECT * FROM #tPrefCounters

-- Remove old temp table...
DROP TABLE #tPrefCounters